• “With Art I attempt to make tools that others may use to sharpen and enhance their perception, creativity, and imagination.”
  • Temple finds influence from his many years of working as a teacher of children with autism. “Puzzles, mainly. People with autism are often adept at assembling puzzles. Many do just as well in completing them whether the pieces have pictures on them, or not. Curious.”
  • Temple attended the Kansas City Art Institute where he studied Graphic Design and Photography and graduated in 1972 with a B.F.A. in Painting and Printmaking. He had art shows in Kansas City, Los Angeles and New Orleans. Also, Temple, John Puscheck and Michael Randall formed the collaborative art group “Evil Monkeys, The Evil Monkeys mounted 13 shows before the untimely death of co-founder John Puscheck. The paintings in these exhibitions were in the medium of Krylon on reverse Plexiglass, and each featured a large collaborative triple portrait of the group.